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Email: Click to show Onuorah's Email Address Birthday: 8th September
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Website or LinkedIn URL: Gender: Male
Contact Address: Globish Villa,Ifite Awka
Biography: Prof.Anthonia Ngozi Onuorah was born to the family of Late chief,Sir Solomon and late Lady Beatrice Obi of Umuowelle village Agulu in Anaocha Local Govt.of Anambra state Nigeria. She is married to chief,Sir Lawrence Ifebuka Onuorah of Uhualla village Akpo in Aguata Local Govt Area of Anambra state. The marriage was blessed with five children.
Prof. Anthonia Ngozi is a professor of management in the department of Business Administration of Chukwu Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Igbariam . she authored five texts book in Business and management, she has published 55 papers in different international journals. She has attended many academic conferences both within and outside Nigeria. She supervised postgraduate thesis and dissertations and also undergraduate projects.
Faculty/Department/Unit: Business Administration Rank: Professor
Research Interest: Business and Management
Educational Qualifications: 1 Ph.D in Business Administration 2015
2 Master in Cooperative Economics and Management (MBA) 2005
3 Master in Business Administration (MBA) 1997
4 Bachelor of Science (BSc) 1992
5 West African School Certificate (WASC) 1987
6 First School Leaving Certificate. (FSLC) 1980
Universities Attended: 1 Chukwu Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, Uli
2 Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka
3 Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka
4 Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka
5 Girls High School Ekwulobia
6 Practicing school Agulu
Onuorah A.N Quantitative Approach to Business Forecasting And Methods Obstrice Multipurpose Intl.Enterprise PT 45 Obunagu Amikwo Awka 2020

Okeke M.N &Onuorah A.N : A quantitative approach to production and management decisions De Emeralds printing and publishing company Awka.2016

Onuorah A.N & Okeke M.N (Ph.D) Corporate planning Amaka Dreams Ltd 106 Arthur Eze Ave. Awka Anambra State 2011

Onuorah A.N (Ph.D) Business Enterprises and Management Amaka Dreams Ltd 106 Arthur Eze Ave. Awka Anambra State 2009

Onuorah A.N (Ph.D) Management An Introductory Analysis Gostak Printing and Pub. Co. Ltd No 1 Onubuogu Lane, Ihoani Enugu Enugu State 2009

Onuorah A.N & Okeke M.N (Ph.D) Principles of Business Laity Press 22-28 CMO Complex Regina Caeli Rd. Awka, Anambra State 2010
Journal Articles

1 Onuorah , A.N & Okeke Ngozi Comfort Compensation management: A tool for organizational growth and employee performance. Advanced journal of management and social sciences. Vol. 7 no 2 2023

2 Okeke Ngozi Comfort
&A.N Onuorah Compensation strategies &employees performance in selected financial institutions in Anambra State British international journal of Business and marketing Resarch Vol. 6 no 2 2023

3 Meduoye B.O,M.N Okeke & A.N Onuorah: Talent Management and financial performance of Deposit Money Banks in Anambra State Nigeria. Central Asian Journal of Innovation on Tourism management and Finance Vol.4 no 10 2023

4 Meduoye B.O, M.N Okeke & A.N Onuorah: Effect of Career Development and Management Policy on the Financial Performance of Deposit Money Banks in Anambra State Nigeria Central Asian Journal of Innovation on Tourism management and Finance Vol. 4 no 10 2023

5 Okafor Joy .N,Marcel chinaemee & Onuorah A. N
Team Building and Sustainability of Lubricant Firms in Anmbra State International journal of Research and Review Vol 10 no10 2023

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14 Onuorah A.N Conflict Management and Organizational performance in Nigerian public Organizations International journal of Research in IT and Management (IJRIM) Vol. 9 no 1 2019
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16 Onuorah A.N Effect of Time Management on Organizational productivity International Journal in Management and Social Sciences Vol 7 no 12 2019
17 Onuorah A.N
Okeke M.N
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18 Onuorah A.N
Ibekwe Anthony .I
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19 Onuorah A.N
Okwuoyibo Azuka
Dunkwu Chamberline Analysis of E- business on Organizational Sustainability in Anambra State Manufacturing Firms Economics and Social Science Academic journal Vol 1 no 5 2019
20 Onuorah A.N
Okeke M.N
Oguchenti A.C
Okwuoyibo Azuka
Employee Participation in Effective Decision Making and Performance of some selected Automotive Components Firms in Anambra State Management and Human Resource Research journal Vol 8 no 5 2019
NWANNE ANN Reward Management And Employee Performance in selected Local Government in Anambra State. International Journal of Research in Management Field Volume 31 2019
22 Onuorah A.N
Kalu E.O
Okeke. MN Incentives and Performance of workers in Tertiary Institution in Anambra State and Enugu Nigeria Academic journal of Current Research Vol.6 no 12 2019

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Google Scholar: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=VEh8b00AAAAJ
Skills: Interpersonal Skills, Problem Solving, Project Implementation, Integration Management, Team Building, Risk management, Cooperate Communication, Organizational Development, Multi-Tasking, Customers Relation, Microsoft office.
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