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Email: Click to show Okoye's Email Address Birthday: 16th March
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Website or LinkedIn URL: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chjiokeacokoye Gender: Male
Contact Address: Vinstandard Road Akwa village Ifitedunu
Biography: Sir Chijioke A. C Okoye is a Lecturer and the Ag. Head of Department History and International Relations at Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University( formerly Anambra State University) Igbariam Campus, Anambra State, Nigeria. Born to the family of Late Mr E.C.S Okoye and Mrs Regina Okoye. I am ery passionate about inculcating sound education to the upcoming generations through impactful character and academic formation.
An Entrepreneurial Consultant, who believes in developing an entrepreneurial mind set in students to match the fourth industry revolution that would be based on what one can produce (being value oriented).
As former Students Union President of then Anambra State University, I ensured that the rights of students were well protected during my tenure, also fought for reduction in school fees and transport fares of the students during my tenure.
As a former General Coordinator, Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Nigeria, Maranatha Prayer Group, Blessed Iwene Tansi Chaplaincy in Anambra State University Igbariam Campus, we organised the Crusades in the University where God used many of his servants to touch the spiritual lives of our students, left the Prayer Group with many developmental footprints.
Married to Lady Onyinye Mary Jane Okoye and the marriage is blessed with four Children.

I remain ever grateful to the Almighty God for leading me thus far.
Faculty/Department/Unit: History and International Studies Rank: Lecturer ll
Research Interest: International Relations, International economic relations, Peace and Conflict Studies, Security Studies
Educational Qualifications: B.Sc
Universities Attended: Anambra State University
Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University
Ilo Kingsley Obumunaeme, Chijioke A.C Okoye & Chukwuemeka Dominic Onyejiegu – Terrorism in Contemporary Nigeria Society: The Case of Boko-Haram, International Journal of Research (IJR), Volume 10, Issue 9, e-ISSN: 23486848, p-ISSN: 2348795X, September 2023. Pp 58-75.

Chijioke A.C Okoye, Ikegbunam Uchenna Lilian, Kingsley Obumnaeme Ilo & Chukwuemeka Dominic Onyejegbu – Examining the Place of Public Administration In Nigerian Educational Advancement from Historical Lenses, International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies, Volume 3(5), ISSN: 2583-049X, Pp 98-101. 2023

Ikegbunam, U.L, Chijioke A.C Okoye, Chukwuemeka Dominic Onyejegbu & Kingsley Obumuaeme Ilo – Exploratory study of the internet and business operation in Nigeria, International Journal of Research, Vol. 10 issue 09, ISSN: e-2348-6848. Aug. 2023. DOI: http://doi.org/10,5281/zendo.8312955. Pp76-84

Chukwuemeka Iloanya, Chijioke A.C Okoye & Patrick C. Bosah – African Human Person and Peacebuilding: the Place of Ujamaa, International Journal of Social & Humanities, Vol.11, Issue 5, ISSN:277265774111163, April, 2023. Pp35-48.

Chijioke A.C Okoye, Kalu Peters & Arinze Okonkwo – United States Military Assistance to Nigeria 2007-2015: Wither Nigerian Sovereignty, International Journal of Advanced Research in Social Science, Environmental Studies & Technology, Vol.7. No. 3, e-ISSN: 2536-6513, September, 2022. Pp 1-17.

Dr. Victoria Ozioma Uchime, Chijioke A.C Okoye, Dr. Ubaka Cosmas Molokwu, Dr. Emmanuel Torty Eyeh & Femi Justus Chukwudi- Not All World Bank Assisted Community and Social Development Project Failed in Africa: Empirical Evidence From Ebonyi State, Nigeria, Webology Impact Factor Journal ISSN:1735-188x, Vol. 18. No 3. 2021

Chukwuemeka Iloanya, Patrick Bosah & Chijioke A.C Okoye – Human Person and Social Contract Experience in Nigeria: Lesson from John Locke, EVAIA: International Journal of Ethics and Values, Vol.1. No. 1, July, 2020 Pp 12-29

Chijioke A.C Okoye – The Role of Civil Society in Conflict Resolution, Basic Studies in Peace and Conflict Studies edited by Cynado C.N.O Ezeogidi & Esther C. Okezie, Division of General Studies, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University Igbariam Campus, ISSN: 9789789848317, Pp 116-130.

Chijioke A.C Okoye (2024) “Democratic Governance and Insecurity in Nigeria’s Fourth republic’’ A paper presented at the 1st International Conference History and International Studies Department COOU on Democracy, Protest and Governance in Nigeria Fourth Republic held 24-26 April, 2024.
Dr Ozioma V. Uchime, Chijioke A.C Okoye & Aniamulu Solomon Ebubedim (2024) “Youth Engagement and Political Participation in Fourth Republic Nigeria’’ Presented at the 1st International Conference History and International Studies Department COOU on Democracy, Protest and Governance in Nigeria Fourth Republic held 24-26 April, 2024.
Google Scholar: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&opi=89978449&url=https://scholar.google.com/citations%3Fuser%3DgBzKiDIAAAAJ%26hl%3Den&ved=2ahUKEwjnibmtrYaGAxViTKQEHZCTBeUQFnoECBsQAQ&usg=AOvVaw2Rne8N4iEc9lVqY29DbWJT
Skills: Reading, traveling
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